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Course description

What is a competency model?

ThotWave’s Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© defines the knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics necessary to succeed in the field of healthcare analytics.

Why do we need a competency model in healthcare?

A competency model anchors what it means to 'do' health analytics by mapping the analytics functions, skills, tasks, and knowledge to a defined set of competencies that can be mixed and matched to define different roles on an analytics team. The reality is, healthcare is relatively new to adding analytical techniques to the portfolio of business functions. Individuals that thrive on analytics teams often come from diverse and sometimes non-traditional backgrounds. Teams that provide healthcare analytics services often develop by way of evolution, not selection. This means that existing job descriptions can be poor representations of the work required.

What does the assessment do?

The self-assessment allows you to identify the gap between capabilities you have now and those you need to develop to reach the next phase of your career. Once identified, the competency gaps can be used to create an individualized learning plan to get you to where you want to go.

How do you define the competencies?

Developed through a process of healthcare analytic workplace analysis and expert knowledge, our model includes nine domains of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that need to be demonstrated within a healthcare analytics team. 

We have identified 42 competencies that align with 280 distinct learning objectives. We have created a collection of 19 distinct job role profiles having detailed competency benchmarks for health analytics that cover up to four experience levels for five professional job families:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Analytical Product Management
  • Leadership 

Who else uses this assessment?

The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© can be used by individual analysts, their employers, human resources professionals, and educators. We use it extensively to guide our consulting work for healthcare organizations that seek to improve the capabilities of their staff. 

Ok, I'm in. What comes next and what should I expect?

Upon purchasing your skills assessment, you will be asked to submit a form that starts the process. Within 24 hours you will receive a link to the assessment that can be completed in any web browser. This assessment takes less than an hour and you will be asked to honestly rate your capabilities for completing job tasks. You will also need to select a current job role that best fits you now and a future job role you aspire to land.

Once received, we will analyze your results and create your report package which includes:

  • An assessment report describing how you rate against all 42 health analytic competencies
  • Description of the job role that best suits your current capabilities
  • A gap analysis report that describes the competencies to improve in order to move forward in your career
  • A suggested learning plan based on your results

Finally, we will schedule a 30-minute virtual coaching session at your convenience to discuss your results and answer any questions.


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Any questions?

Reach out to us at to discuss your needs.

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