Capstone Project One-on-One Mentoring

taught by Greg Nelson, MMCi & Monica Horvath, PhD

Course description

What is a Capstone Project?

A Capstone Project is an intensive, independent research experience where the learner completes a project under the guidance of an experienced practitioner in the field of interest.

Capstone projects are flexible and are meant to research, design, or develop solutions in a real-world setting.

How long will it take?

A Capstone Project typically lasts between 6-12 weeks depending on the breadth, depth, and level of effort

What can I expect?

ThotWave experts are eager to support you on your learning journey and mentor your Capstone project in health analytics. One or more experts will mentor the entire process including project selection, design, execution, and socialization. Specific steps include:

  • 30-minute introductory call to discuss goals and project ideas
  • Review and feedback on project concept draft
  • Review and feedback on up to two drafts of your project proposal
  • Up to 4, 30-minute virtual coaching sessions during project execution. Click here for coaching details
  • Review and feedback on both a draft and final project deliverable, such a written summary or an executive-level presentation
  • Templates and job aids for all of the above

What if I don't have a project topic in mind?

We can assist in developing your project using public data or design something that addresses a problem your healthcare organization seeks to solve.

Ok, I'm in. What's next?

Enrolling will put you in contact with a ThotWave mentor that can start you on your journey.


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Any questions?

Reach out to us at to discuss your needs.

Greg Nelson, MMCi &  Monica Horvath, PhD
Greg Nelson, MMCi & Monica Horvath, PhD
ThotWave's Chief Data Champion & Director of Health Intelligence

As founder and CEO, Greg is chief strategist, thinker, builder, teacher, writer, learner, inspire-r, and anything else that will propel ThotWave’s mission of creating data champions forward. Greg has over two decades’ experience and leadership in global healthcare and Business Intelligence, is a prolific writer and speaker, and board member of the SAS Global Users Group. Greg has a BA in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, did PhD work in Social Psychology and Quantitative Methods at the University of Georgia, and earned his master’s from Duke University in Clinical Informatics from the Fuqua School of Business.

Monica is a health intelligence and health services research thought leader with nearly two decades of experience in research methodology, informatics, analytics, and healthcare. Monica provides thought leadership for care organizations interested in elevating their data and analytics literacy enterprise-wide. Prior to ThotWave, Monica led an enterprise Health Intelligence team at Duke Medicine that used analytics to evaluate financial endpoints, care design, and patient outcomes. She mentored a wide range of students completing Masters programs, residency projects, fellowship projects, practicums, and dissertations. Monica holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics (Computational Biology concentration) from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and held a postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Always committed to teaching and growing data literacy among healthcare stakeholders, both Monica and Greg serve as adjunct instructors in the Masters of Science in Nursing program for the Duke University School of Nursing. They are firm believers that everyone, from the patient to the provider, plays an important role in gleaning insights from data.