Essentials of Question Design

A Healthcare Analytics Academy Course | taught by Monica Horvath
  • 20 Videos
  • 7 Quizzes
  • 3 Surveys
  • 13 Texts
  • 3 PDFs
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  • 3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Course Add-on: One on one coaching

Course description

This completely virtual healthcare analytics course will provide a thorough grounding in a structured, data-driven approach to problem design. This course is useful for anyone who needs to ask questions of healthcare data, and will help learners understand how to prioritize analytics projects so the effort is right-sized for project impact.

The Essentials of Question Design and Data Collection course includes 6 lessons, PLUS over 40 resources, quizzes, and end of lesson assessments.

Once completed, students will be confident in the following aspects of question design and data collection:

  • Operational Workflows: Create and maintain operational workflows to manage patient care and the revenue cycle
  • Innovation and Design Thinking: Generate a wide variety of approaches to solving problems and evaluate for possible implementation
  • Professionalism and Ethics: Consistently demonstrates the characteristics of ethics and professionalism in responding to organizational members, clients, and patients
  • Question Design: Reflect on a project goal and available data to determine an evaluation framework capable of evaluating a hypothesis
  • Operationalization of Insights: Incorporate a set of analytic insights into business workflow such that a continual, positive benefit is seen and the learning health paradigm is realized
  • Data Relationships and Connections: Identify and describe the interrelatedness of data created in execution of health organization business
  • EHR Workflows: Translates EHR data into a clear description of the workflow processes that generated it
  • Systems Thinking: Uses habits, tools, and concepts that demonstrate an understanding of how sociological and technical systems are interdependent
  • Knowledge Management: Track and document changes to a project, process, or initiative to convey a clear picture of current status, desired outcomes, and change impact
  • Requirements Management: Consider the requirements for expert knowledge, effort, and time allocations when building project plans
  • Finance: Support economic decisions based on business concepts including revenue, accounting, and organizational value

Course Details


This course is suitable for all healthcare analytics stakeholders regardless of experience level, and is a core course within Healthcare Analytics Academy learning paths.



Time to Complete

Approximately 8 hours for videos, activities, and knowledge checks. You can take this course from anywhere, on your own time, whenever it is convenient for you.


Course fees are $249USD, and payment is accepted securely by credit card. Simply fill out the form on this page. You’ll then receive a prompt to enter your payment details. Once completed, your space in this course will be secured.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful fulfillment of course requirements, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume and portfolio.

Note from the Instructor, Dr. Monica Horvath

The most difficult part of a health analytics project is most often the very first step—scoping a potential project and gathering the required stakeholder information to design a good question. I have mentored dozens of allied health students and healthcare coworkers in the art of designing a good question and developing a data collection plan. A structured approach to question design is essential to ensure that a project is both practical and of value to the healthcare business lines. I have found that few individuals receive training on this topic and instead are expected to learn ‘on the job’, which doesn’t position a person for success. We created this course to address that gap and give learners real, hands-on opportunities to practice designing a good question worth answering.

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Monica Horvath
Monica Horvath
Director, Health Intelligence

Monica is a health intelligence and health services research thought leader with nearly two decades of experience in research methodology, informatics, analytics, and healthcare. As the Director of Health Intelligence for ThotWave, Monica provides thought leadership for care organizations interested in elevating their data and analytics literacy enterprise-wide. She helps organizations understand their analytics adoption maturity and develop strategies and tactics to achieve the learning health system paradigm. Previously, Monica led a multidisciplinary, enterprise Health Intelligence team at Duke Medicine using analytics to evaluate health information technology approaches and their impact on financial endpoints, care design, and patient outcomes.

Always committed to teaching and growing data literacy among healthcare stakeholders, Monica is an adjunct instructor at the Duke University School of Nursing where she teaches health analytics for the Masters of Science in Nursing program. She is also a frequent speaker at national conferences that discuss the interplay between data-driven thinking and culture in healthcare organizations.

Monica holds a Ph.D in Molecular Biophysics (Computational Biology concentration) from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, a BS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, and held a postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Monica is firm believer that everyone, from the patient to the provider, plays an important role in gleaning insights from data.

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