Storytelling for Influence: Healthcare Analytics That Inspires Action

A virtual, blended learning Master Class | taught by Greg Nelson, MMCi & Monica Horvath, PhD

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“Health data insights aspire to be liberated from slide decks, not die in them.”

Monica Horvath, PhD 

Director of Health Intelligence & Course Instructor


Are you eager to use the latest, greatest analysis tool to explore a healthcare dataset and tell a story? Or do you load data into such a tool and get stuck thinking “well now what?” If either of these sound familiar, you are not alone. Data means little without our ability to convey its potential. Whether you are building a business case, estimating service utilization, displaying incidence rates, or examining the effectiveness of workflow interventions, a data story is defined by the graphics used to tell it. However, all too often it's hard for us to navigate from learning a tool to using it to solve a real-life problem.

Storytelling for Influence: Healthcare Analytics That Inspires Action is a course that empowers healthcare professionals to explore, find, and communicate data insights having the potential to shape business practices. Through a combination of eLearning, structured problem sets, live-web classes, and instructor coaching, you will develop the competencies to take a business question through a structured process of problem scoping, data exploration, visualization, and storytelling.

Master Class Format

This course occurs over 12 weeks and is divided into 9 learning units. Each week will use one or more modalities delivered through this site: Curated microlearning, coached eLearning, or live virtual class.


This course is designed for both novice and seasoned health data professionals who desire hands-on practice in exploring data and developing data stories.

  • Statistical knowledge is not required.
  • Learners should have a basic proficiency in a data visualization tool such as JMP, Tableau, Qlik, Excel, R, or SAS.
  • Learners who lack the software experience or want to learn a new, more modern tool can expect to spend 3+ additional hours a week.

Time Commitment

Learn: 1.5+ hours per week to consume instructional content
Practice: 3+ hours per week to complete assignments
Engage: It’s up to you. Opportunities include:

  • A private Facebook Group to network with instructors and other learners
  • Individual coaching (optional add-on for 2 hrs or 4 hrs)
  • Capstone project (optional add-on)
  • Create a professional development plan with a skills assessment against our Healthcare Analytics Competency Model (optional add-on)


Experience blended learning
  • Learn through videos, activities, and discussion assignments
  • Practice what you have learned by completing detailed problem sets
  • Earn a certification of completion based upon submitted assignments and completing a final assessment with a passing score of over 80%
Set yourself apart with these skills
  • Problem definition and question design
  • Data exploration
  • Data visualization
  • Storytelling methodology
  • Presentation best practices
Get resources relevant to your job
  • Real-world, open-ended problem sets with detailed suggested solutions and individualized instructor feedback on your submitted work
  • Curated reference content representing seminal videos, white papers, and scholarly manuscripts that inform data storytelling for healthcare
  • Step-by-step job aides that outline repeatable, structured processes for data profiling, exploration, and visualization
  • Getting started guides for learning how to choose and use common analytics tools: SAS, JMP, R, Tableau, Qlik and Excel
  • Fully editable templates for data exploration and storytelling assets

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Greg Nelson, MMCi &  Monica Horvath, PhD
Greg Nelson, MMCi & Monica Horvath, PhD
ThotWave's Chief Data Champion & Director of Health Intelligence

As founder and CEO, Greg is chief strategist, thinker, builder, teacher, writer, learner, inspire-r, and anything else that will propel ThotWave’s mission of creating data champions forward. Greg has over two decades’ experience and leadership in global healthcare and Business Intelligence, is a prolific writer and speaker, and board member of the SAS Global Users Group. Greg has a BA in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, did PhD work in Social Psychology and Quantitative Methods at the University of Georgia, and earned his master’s from Duke University in Clinical Informatics from the Fuqua School of Business.

Monica is a health intelligence and health services research thought leader with nearly two decades of experience in research methodology, informatics, analytics, and healthcare. Monica provides thought leadership for care organizations interested in elevating their data and analytics literacy enterprise-wide. Prior to ThotWave, Monica led an enterprise Health Intelligence team at Duke Medicine that used analytics to evaluate financial endpoints, care design, and patient outcomes. She mentored a wide range of students completing Masters programs, residency projects, fellowship projects, practicums, and dissertations. Monica holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics (Computational Biology concentration) from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and held a postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Always committed to teaching and growing data literacy among healthcare stakeholders, both Monica and Greg serve as adjunct instructors in the Masters of Science in Nursing program for the Duke University School of Nursing. They are firm believers that everyone, from the patient to the provider, plays an important role in gleaning insights from data.

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